Kaizen, steps towards continuous improvement

Kaizen, pasos hacia la mejora continua

Who am I?

If you are curious to know more about me, here is some information about who I am.
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My mission is to help people to communicate assertively, enhancing their personal growth and increasing their consciousness, inspiring them to live a fulfilled life with adventure, passion, coherence and connection with others and themselves, embracing their shadows and freeing them from their limiting beliefs.


Who am I?

I am a hyperactive person who does not know how to get bored. My curiosity and desire for adventure have led me to live in London and Vietnam, and to travel to more than 25 countries.

Human beings fascinate me. As sociable beings that we are, our greatest tools are thought and relationships. That is why my passion is communication.

At a work level, I have 15 years of experience as a producer in Spain and England, where I have worked in advertising, television, cinema and events of all kinds. I have developed a vision and an ability to create clear, powerful and impactful content. But despite being in love with my profession, my personal growth has led me to other fields and exciting discoveries such as Emotional Intelligence, Psychology and Coaching.

After finishing my Masters in Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that I needed to change the direction of my professional career so that I can be more aligned with the person in whom I have evolved.

After much thought I decided to become a Professional Coach with Agile and “leave behind” the world of production. But… who are we kidding? Audiovisual communication is the most complete communication that we have within our reach where audiovisual content has become a key tool for the communication of a company, especially now that we are in full digital transformation. Besides, 15 years leave their mark. They are not forgotten. Especially when you love what you do! For this reason, I have recycled the learnings and the tools that it has given me to help organizations and people communicate better. I add them to my role as Coach with Agile to help people and organizations achieve their objectives by accompanying them out of their comfort zone without fear.

Positive Psychology is dedicated to enhancing the positive in people and discovering what their natural talents are. Don Cliffton is the father of strengths based psychology. He created a quiz to empower people around the world, discovering and focusing on using their strengths rather than their weaknesses. 34 different topics are the pillar of his theory, resulting in a unique combination (1 in 3 million) that provides a common language to discover our natural talents and to better understand what are the natural strengths of every individual.

Discovering my strengths was mind blowing. According to Cliffton, my strengths are:


1.- Restaurative
2.- Conectedness
3.- Individualization
4.- Activator
5.- Arranger

My Credentials

2021 Master MBA, The Power MBA
2020 Agile Bootcamp, Built Agile (40hrs)
2020 NeuroCoaching & NeuroLeadership Program, Gemma Sala (24hr)
2020 Bootcamp in Strenghts, Wakku Hub (10hrs)
2020 Minor in Neuromarketing, UPC / EAE Business School
2019 – 2020 Master in Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching,
UPC / EAE Business School
2017 – 2019 Emotional Intelligence Program, Germanes Hospitalaries
2015 Production for Visual Effects, Escape Studios
2002 – 2006 Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Ramon Llull
2000 – 2002 Socio-Economic A levels, La Salle

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2021 Webinar Positive Psychology Interventions, SIC ICF Doha (1h)
2021 Webinar The 3 Brains – Head, Heart and Gut – Connection: The missing link for long-lasting coaching results!, SIC Christoffel Sneijders (1,5h)
2021 Webinar Being a coach and the hero’s journey, SIC Angela Covas (1,5h)
2021 Webinar Human Leadership Communication, SIC Chaya Mistry (1,5h)
2021 Webinar The Good Fight: Building Your Clients’ Mindset and a Skill Set for Productive Conflict, SIC Dr. Liane Davey (1,5h)
2021 Webinar Subpersonalities: The One in the many and the many in the One, SIC Synthesis Coaching Associates (1,5h)
2021 Webinar Visualization: a path to the construction of consciousness, SIC Koa-Kura (3h)
2021 Webinar Executive Coaching, fact or fiction?, SIC Koa-Kura (2h)
2021 Webinar An Emotional Intelligence Process Framework for Making Optimal Decisions, SIC Six Seconds (1h)
2021 Webinar Navigating Strong Emotions in Coaching : Coaching or Therapy?, SIC Dr. Patrick Williams ICF Los Angeles (1h)
2021 Webinar Intrapersonal Competences in the Coach, SIC Koa-Kura (3h)
2021 Webinar Effective Sessions. Sesiones Efectivas. Practical keys for transformation, SIC Angela Covas (1,5h)
2021 Webinar Co creating the coaching relationship, SIC por el Centro de Estudios del Coaching (1h)
2021 Webinar Optimize Impact through Reflection, SIC Ragna Kirberg ICF Qatar (1,5h)
2021 Financial Advisor in Mortgage Loans, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (80h)
2021 Webinar Creative Thinking, Una caja de sorpresas (2h)
2021 Digital Marketing to promote your business, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2020 Workshop “Clinically Addressing Narcissistic Abuse” by Dr. Ramani Durvasula (2hr)
2020 Webinar Innovation and Agile Coaching, SIC by Coraops Coaching & Management (1,5hr)
2020 Webinar The role of coaching in Agile Methodologies, SIC by Centro de Estudios del Coaching (2hr)
2020 Webinar Accompanying teams from a systemic perspective, SIC by Beatriz García (1hr)
2020 Webinar Neurocoaching Sleep/Wake Cycle for High Performance, SIC by Gemma Sala (1hr)
2020 Webinar Discover your conscious and unconscious values, SIC by Ana Merlino (1hr)
2019 Soft Skills, EAE Business School (1hr)
2018 Know your negotiating profile and create a roadmap, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2018 Improve your habits and your learning capacity through neuroscience, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2018 Emotional Productivity: transform what you feel into excellent results, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2018 Non-verbal communication: CNV practitioner, Barcelona Activa  (3hr)
2018 Self-control and conflict management, Barcelona Activa (6hr)
2018 Leading High Performance Teams, Barcelona Activa (6hr)
2018 Workshop on Negotiation: skills improvement for professional women, Barcelona Activa (15hr)
2018 Watch yourself and chart your path to effective leadership, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2017 Operational Finance: Finance for Managers, Coursera by IESE (14hr)
2017 Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting, Coursera by IESE (12hr)
2016 Bungee Jumping, Auckland Bridge Bungy
2015 Photoshop Workshop, Barcelona Activa (15hr)
2015 Viral Marketing Techniques, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2015 Snowhotel Diploma for overnight stay at the ice hotel, Arctic Snow Hotel
2014 How to plan the purchase and sale of advertising on the internet, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2014 Create and Manage your professional identity, Barcelona Activa (3hr)
2014 Workshop on how to find financing to undertake, Barcelona Activa (2hr)
2014 Vipassana Retreat of Silence, Khao Tham in Ko Phangan
1993 – 1998 Examinations in Classical Ballet, Royal Academy of Dancing (London)




Check IN (Spanish and English)
Charlas para el Corazón or Check IN is a YouTube channel that was born with the intention of adding value to the well-being of its viewers through listening, reflecting, experiences and knowledge. Its creators (Cristina, Emma and Mery) contribute their personal experiences and their knowledge from their different professional perspectives. Also providing their point of view from what they share in common: being life learners and honoring Coaching. A channel made from the heart and with the heart:


Thesis: Emotional Intelligence in conflict management of teams (Spanish)
The thesis that I did for my Master of Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching together with Julija Kostevska and Montse Rego analyzes and delves into the importance and influence of Emotional Intelligence in the management of conflicts in teams.
An extremely important issue since conflicts are common, inevitable and natural in our lives. This work is expected to help and inspire any person, leader or member of a team to work on their emotional intelligence to be able to influence and manage a conflict better and with more serenity when it appears.

Download link [PDF – 8Mb]

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Lights and Shadows Masterclass (Spanish)
IDC Open School is an online school that is dedicated to knowledge for Personal and Professional Development. On their website you can find the Masterclass I did about Lights and Shadows. In it you will discover the History of where they come from, what they are, why we need them, how to manage your shadows and how lights and shadows affect us at workplaces:



Projects in process:

An Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Leadership program with touches of spirituality and coaching composed of 7 modules that trace a journey of personal growth, from its initiation to its skill, full of knowledge, exercises and dynamics that will mark a before and after in the life of its students.


A storybook for adults and children with some of the most important learnings that life brings us.


My values are my guide in this life. Like an inner compass, they help me feel integrated and in congruence with myself when I honor them:


Courage, resilience, loyalty and fighting to do the right thing at any time or circumstance.


Autonomy of doing and undoing as one needs or wants.

Personal growth

Ability to learn about oneself and increase our level of awareness.


Ability to be and do in a consistent and aligned way in the day to day, both professionally and personal.

Exciting Life

Live a full life, full of adventure, passion, connection and challenges without mayor regrets.

Teamwork achieves great triumphs. That is why I like to collaborate with other professionals who share the same values as me. Here are some of them:


Wakku Hub – HR and Organizational Culture Consultant

Built Agile – – Expert Agility Consultants

Merlin Digital Partner – Your people partner for start-ups & tech companies

Professional Coaches

Emma Julin – – Professional Coach & Nutritionist

Cristina Villar – Executive & Inspirational Coach

Andrea Gonzalez – Holistic Coaching

Ludivine Gautard – Life & Executive Coach

Montse Rego – Coaching & Mildfullness

Professional Psychologists

Imma Esteve – Holistic Psychology

Laura Lopez – Health Psychologist

Belén Marzari – Psychiatrist