This is my story

Esta es mi Historia

My adventure started in Barcelona where I was born

As a child I was pure energy, excitement and curiosity. And it never stopped! I had a bit of a mischievous creativity that the grown-ups were already confused about … When I was 3 years old, I ran away from home one night to go out to play in the park across the street, alone. Obviously my parents almost had a heart attack! But no matter how much shenanigans I did and punish me, I was still just as stubborn, creative, and independent. If something characterized me, it was my passion for life and not being told what I could or could not do.


At the age of 7, life brought me a lesson that marked a before and after in my life and in my family. It was my first great life lesson. I started having very bad headaches and a scan revealed a large spot on my corpus callosum. So they had to put me in the hospital for a long time to find out what I had. Unable to move, I discovered a passion for Comics and ponies. (I guess they were my window to the outside world). Over the months they discovered that I had had 3 strokes and the prognosis was not good… I was literally on the brink of death. Luckily my parents stirred heaven and earth to find a solution and discovered that at the Karolinska Hospital (Stockholm) there was a novel treatment that could save my life. So it was. After 10 years of coming and going in hospitals, I was discharged and I began to have a normal life again. Of course, after this direct encounter with physical death, I lost a part of my innocence by experiencing the fragility of life.



Despite this, I continued with my crazy ideas and I graduated in Audiovisual Communication after two years studying Journalism. As soon as I had the title in my hand, I bought a one-way ticket to London to take the TOEFL exam and go to Los Angeles to become the best Steven Spielberg assistant he have ever had. Or so I thought…! What was going to be a few months turned into 7 years, a career in Post Production and a love relationship. Wow! Life gave me a much less glamorous but much more enriching plan.

Everyone knows that in this life what begins must end. And that’s what happened in 2013: my time in London ended with a broken heart, my identity lost and my professional career stranded. It was time to go. This was my second great life lesson, the most important of my life, as it gave me the experience of spiritual death.

Although my parents asked me to return to Barcelona, ​​I knew that it was not my time to return yet. So full of sadness, anger and pain I went to live in Hanoi, Vietnam. I realized that I needed to heal myself inside so I could be myself again. I left everything behind again: my culture, my career, my friends, my family … my life. And I volunteered at a children’s hospital and an orphanage thinking that giving to others could help them. But it wasn’t like that: I received so much more than I ever could have imagined. I let go of everything that tied me and drowned me to find myself and be happy. I traveled through more than 8 countries, I discovered courage, the adventure of leaving the comfort zone, the personal growth and the ancient knowledge that Asia hides. Everything bad from 2013 became the greatest gift that life had given me.

After 6 months of personal re-discovery and healing I returned to Barcelona, ​​full of energy and desire to eat the world. My professional career, which was stagnant, took a leap upward. I fell in love and out of love several times, I kept traveling to distant places and I discovered Emotional Intelligence.

And that’s when my third and (for now) last great lesson in 2020 appeared: My rebirth. After finishing my Master in Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching and the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that I needed to change the direction of my professional career so that I was more aligned with the person I had transformed into. After many wanderings I decided to become a Professional Coach with Agility and leave behind 15 years of experience in the Audiovisual world, keeping the learning and tools that it has given me to help companies and people to communicate better, achieve their objectives and accompany them to leave. your comfort zone without fear.


“Only he who has lived fear,
can help others to overcome it. “